Fanning Dakota

There was a band who played at DBA tonight that I caught some of while taking a break from fuzz (and on my way to pick up some ice cream) called Slingshot Dakota. When I walked in the room, they were covering "Waiting Room" with just drums and synth, girl and boy vocals. Then, before launching into their next tune, the drummer said something like, "Hey, so if this song goes out to those in the audience that have been the victims of assault and sexual violence. If that's you, please speak to someone about it, don't keep it in. And the rest of us should all open our arms for our friends who have been victims, so they can come forward." Indie/punk/whatever rock is so annoyingly apolitical these days that it almost seemed like this drummer fellow was joking at first, and that really bothers me. Not that we always have to say something like this every time we play a show, but seriously, how awesome is it for a band to put themselves out there like that? I miss it.

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