3rd Album Lyrics Pt II

Don't have a name for this one yet.  Suggestions welcome.

Nothing's gonna harm you
cause nothing could
nestled in a Volvo
safe beneath hood.
Crosses over entrance.
Dreams a door.
Screaming Intuition
rise from the floor.
Sometimes this is why.
Sometimes this is why.
Talking like a weirdo
so now you're real.
Talking like a wisher
covered in appeal.
Nothing's gonna harm you
and nothing did.
Softer than a pillow
slept on by bad kids.
Sometimes this is why.
Sometimes this is why.

New Lyrics to a New Song for our New Album

I think it will be called "Permission" (the song, not the album).

I was in hands.
Now understand,
that in those hands
I was a man.
I fell asleep
in vaguest arms.
My Vedic friend
who never ends.
My head the cop
is mouthing off,
learned how to talk,
and's mouthing off.
But Vedic friend with
another lesson
to teach to cop,
this one's from the top.
I'm made of milk
I'm made of meat
I'm made of laughs
I'm made of sweets.
We're separate
but that's alright.
I'm eaten cake,
you're purple rite.
You grip me good
and shut me up
and soothe my gut
more than enough.
The rain is fun
and cop could play,
but deepest blues,
so stays away.
I am protected.
Cop is digested
in Vedic friend
who never ends.