ICP on a Target Commercial

Say what you will (totally accurately) say about Insane Clown Posse and their massive coven:

It's retarded as fuck.
It's misogynistic as balls.
It's dopey as shit.
It's anti-intellectual as ass.

All true.

But here's what it's not, which indie culture is: completely co-opted. This is strange, since there are probably way more kids out there who are into it than whatever indie band is used to sell things at Urban Outfitters. I'm not sure it's even by their own choosing, so I have no idea if it's worthy of respect or not. But it is interesting. And kinda sad.

Our New Album

So I think we're about done writing our new album. What will it sound like? Your guess is as good as mine. This is the first time that all the songs are basically in one tuning on the guitar (with some slight variations on two jams) which will be kinda nice in a lot of ways. Some of the songs:

3D Voices
Tiger Trees
Skating with Girl
Richard, Stay Home
Into the Arms
Surf Something
Dreaming of Police

Moving Shit around at Death by Audio

We're currently moving things around in the pedal factory at DBA, where I make pedals most days. We just got a new room with lots more space, so our solder and paint fumes won't be as gnarly, and my latent attraction to my coworkers, Oli and Matt, will be easier to keep at bay.
It's funny how harshly entropy attacks a place of business, even when you're really working hard. Things become a mess and you don't really realize it until you clean them up, at which point you find all manner of things, like children's bones and Frog and Toad books.

My favorite pedal that we make is the Octave Clang. The guy in this vid doesn't quite use it like I do.