Joyride Lyrics

We have a new song we've started playing live. It's called "Joyride". Here are the lyrics:

Car windows: broken glass
country lanes blind past
and I feel so fast
You crash your hood
I melt
caution expelled
I feel so felt
On a joyride
A nice boy
made unsafe
by your tongues and blades
seduction and haze
My father's sedan
boyhood and boy
girlhood decoy
adult toy destroyed
On a joyride.
I don't like this music, Lord
I don't like its face
I don't like the chords they turn to waste
You weren't kidding when you said baptism
I did not believe
Car off the dock into the sea
on a joyride.



Fuck you, Future Sounds!

Always possible things could turn around, but in the meantime, proud to be one of the last bands to play for them.


Us at South by Southwest -

Wednesday March 17th, 12:30 pm at Music Gym w/ Class Actress, Ume, Male Bonding, and lots more.

Wednesday March 17th, 8pm at Wave Rooftop. Kanine Records party with Surfer Blood and lots more.

Wednesday March 17th, 9:15 at Longbranch Inn w/ Sisters, JEFF The Brotherhood, and lots more.

Yes, we're aware the festival is more than one day long. If you'd like us to play some other show let us know.

Violence Doubled.

"Life and Limb" by Fugazi is creepy and catchy like nationalism. I miss Fugazi. Underground
music is an amoral void now.