Lyrical Preview Part 3

"Skating with Girl"

Girl skating, oh
girl skating, oh
to conjure you in snow
to conjure you in snow
six foot ice sickle impales (in pales?)
and red rope licorice entrails (in trails?)
Girl skating, oh
to conjure you in snow.
Your stolen body asleep
My frozen boundaries can't keep
You talk in parables in streaks
to all the idiots and creeps.

Lyrical Preview Pt 2

"Tiger Trees"

I saw your cursive name get drawn
Its pinking tendrils blanket my lawn
Its whipping q's spell:
"I want you to believe my name."
You're tiger tree branch and I'm the leaves
Your roaring cataracts are not believed
I've got six friends.
I wish that they could see your name
And they don't.

Our Friend Ariel's Favorite Song.

He once told me and Emily that if there were one song he could play for anyone, this would be it.

For you, buddy: