Some Things I'm Randomly Missing about Our Friend Ariel

I've been really missing our friend Ariel lately. Here's some of the things that are coming to mind right now:

His purple jeans that he got from his mom.
His random ideas for bbq's, including octopus.
His wanting to cook dinner for people a lot, including on my birthday (I wish I'd let him).
His getting me a cake for my birthdays anyway.
His absolutely winning smile.
The way he looked when he had a mustache.
His excitement over so many things.
His ability to quote Simpsons with me, specifically his impression of "It's great to be here, Krusty."
The time we let him drive, on tour, for about 10 minutes, before Emily woke up because he kept hitting the rumble strip.
His love of soda.
How tremendously caring he could be.
The time he got a bit nutty and pantsless backstage at a show in Philly.
The times he'd call me late at night when he couldn't sleep.
His support.
How much he loved helping out bands he loved.
His wide-eyed child-likeness.

I miss him.

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