Our New Songs Are There

Almost ready. Spent the day hammering out some of the tunes in the practice space at DBA and then I came home and have been working on some lyrics since.

Here are some samples:

"Phantom friends, their shadow shapes / A secret hallway on audiotape."
"Hiding in the insides / waiting just to meet eyes / Messy Mouth, come back home."
"Frightened bright wants you to feel alone / mechanistic mutilator's dream: a tome in chrome."
"Girl skating, oh, to conjure you in snow."
"A broken mouth I can't explain / a blurry crest with no name / your hooded head in the rain /
anonymous wrecks, snapping new necks."

There will also be our first ever instrumental, called "Psychics." It's acoustic.


  1. can't wait for this -- you guys are one of my favorites

  2. You are Amazing. Ghost Cat is the best song of 2009.