Lyrics and New Songs

Here are the lyrics to one of our songs on Rejoicer, called "Kier".

And spent 2003 missing virginity
crying in Austin's arms to Kevin's alarm
interlocking healing limbs
new pseudonyms
sleepwalking and sicknessing
to be held just like a kitchen knife, Kier
to unveil and split new seams
things are hatching and opening up
newborn muscles, crisp like leaves
black hole believes, comes back to me
my closest friends: the living dead
drumlessly march over me
lawlessly going home.

We also have lots of new songs coming down the pipeline.

Here's a line from what I think of as our "Everybody Hurts":

Sing under blankets, nestled in the filament, halle.

Here's one from a song about the utter lusciousness of fall:

The gift outside is forming angles and makes self known in shaking trees.

On resurrection, via surf:

Imagining the bodies, rotted and rising.

Some others:

Froze cassettes, cold effects.

You were born in country lanes. I was born to learn your name.

There's something wrong with you. Your skull's see-through.

You do not walk around, because these are walls that you respect.

We're going to start recording a new album or EP or something early next year. Some of these will be on there. Maybe all.

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