Wicked Face, Game Book.

About a month ago, we recorded a cover. This is the first cover we've ever recorded. It's a cover of "Wicked Game" by the one and only Chris Isaak.

You can watch the sextacular video for the original here, if you've never seen it somehow.

So, if you want to hear that cover that we did, sign up on the Stereogum mailing list. In a few days, you'll get an email regarding it and you can be in a super special club of people that heard it first.

Also, you can now be our (Grooms') friend on Facebook. Facebook is the new AOL.

Last thought: forgot to mention that when 19, skipped a math test to drive to Dallas and see Fuck live with my mom and friend Chris. My mom thought they were great and they were super nice fellows. Handsome as could be too.

Literally the best song of all time: The Beatles - "Long Long Long".

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