Moving On

I'm an idiot. A real sucker for the sadness of something that's not what it used to be. And, I guess, this blog is that thing. I'm moving things along. Now, you can get all Grooms things at This is not really tremendously sad, because this site/blog here never really meant that much, I suppose, but there's that little ping of how everything erodes when you move everything to somewhere else, and eventually, you'll probably move that too. Oh well. The passing fo time leaves empty lives. Time's tide will smother you. Waiting to be filled. I will too.

Here's a new tuning:

The Dreebs

The Dreebs are currently the best band in New York. This is true. They are the most unique band making music in our city right now (to the best of my knowledge). They wield insane amounts of power and force. They make the prettiest songs. They make the scariest songs. While I'm going to post a link to their music right here, it's also true that seeing them live is vastly more powerful than just hearing their tunes. I won't really even try and describe them past what I already said above. But they are currently my favorite band in NYC, and we have the pleasure of playing with them on December 15th at Death by Audio ( - DBA Holiday Party - w/ Immaculates and A Place to Bury Strangers). They play first, so get their early. Best best best.

These Are Our Tunings

Because we get asked this a bunch via email or in person, I thought it might be helpful to throw up the tunings for all of our songs. It includes songs that are on our new, unreleased (for now) album, but sadly, not Ghost Cat, Thumbs, or At the Pool, because I can't remember them right now. Hope to find them soon. All of them are from lowest (thickest string) to highest (thinnest string). Sometimes mix-matched gauges of strings will help with sustain/tone. Have fun:

"The Sophisticate"
G# (octave higher than first one)
F    (three notes down from G#)

Songs - Kier, The Nights Were Walls, Tiger Trees, Expression Of, Imagining the Bodies, Skating with Girl, Aisha, Into the Arms, Sharing, Something I Learned Today (Huskers cover)

"The Sophisticate: Rascal"

Songs - 3D Voices

"The Sophisticate: Pynchon"


Songs - Lion Name, Play, Susie Jo, Completely, Very Very Librarian, Sometimes Sometimes

"The Lady"

C (I think an octave up, not positive off hand)
E (octave lower than standard tuning)

Songs - She Bears, Don't Worry, You're Prettier.

"The Lady: Rascal"

E (octave lower than standard tuning)

Songs - Fag Feels Good, I Think We're Alone Now, Iskra Goodbye, Infinity Caller

"The Nest"
A# (unison)
D# (unison, where this D# is 13 notes lower than standard tuning E, not 1 note lower)

Songs - Dreamsucker, Acid King of Hell, CJ, Prom.

I think Ghost Cat/Thumbs/At the Pool are in a tuning that starts with

...but I can't remember past that right now.

New Lyrics Pt. III - "Lion Name"

This song is in:


Capo 6th fret.

Oh, Lion Name
I can move like you
I can summon my mouth to cough
I can swallow flu
Vials in the rain
in the viler sun
They're collecting and spilling out
Breathing like lungs
Another exorcist and another one
casting us out
Tender underage under overpass
Basic cable beige
Basic cable trash
Demons in dads
See, Lion Name
You don't get too close
You don't talk like you used to talk
You don't invoke
Loser alleyway
Loser cul de sac
Ugly subdivision blues
Loser intact
Another exorcist and another one
casting us out

3rd Album Lyrics Pt II

Don't have a name for this one yet.  Suggestions welcome.

Nothing's gonna harm you
cause nothing could
nestled in a Volvo
safe beneath hood.
Crosses over entrance.
Dreams a door.
Screaming Intuition
rise from the floor.
Sometimes this is why.
Sometimes this is why.
Talking like a weirdo
so now you're real.
Talking like a wisher
covered in appeal.
Nothing's gonna harm you
and nothing did.
Softer than a pillow
slept on by bad kids.
Sometimes this is why.
Sometimes this is why.

New Lyrics to a New Song for our New Album

I think it will be called "Permission" (the song, not the album).

I was in hands.
Now understand,
that in those hands
I was a man.
I fell asleep
in vaguest arms.
My Vedic friend
who never ends.
My head the cop
is mouthing off,
learned how to talk,
and's mouthing off.
But Vedic friend with
another lesson
to teach to cop,
this one's from the top.
I'm made of milk
I'm made of meat
I'm made of laughs
I'm made of sweets.
We're separate
but that's alright.
I'm eaten cake,
you're purple rite.
You grip me good
and shut me up
and soothe my gut
more than enough.
The rain is fun
and cop could play,
but deepest blues,
so stays away.
I am protected.
Cop is digested
in Vedic friend
who never ends.

Prom is out TODAY

When I was young, and still sometimes again, I would obsess over albums for days or weeks or even months at a time. I hope that we made an album like that with Prom, that at least someone can obsess over in their bedroom or dorm room or office cubicle or whatever. Here's the tracklisting with a comparison to a song off an album I/we obsessed over at some point (mostly Smiths stuff). Oh, and you can download the last track "3D Voices" off our Bandcamp.

1. Tiger Trees - Our "A Rush and a Push and the Land Is Ours"
2. Prom - our "Shoplifters of the World"
3. Expression Of - our "Bigmouth Strikes Again"
4. Imagining the Bodies - our "Sweet and Tender Hooligan"
5. Skating with Girl - our "Perfect Circle" (REM) or "Red Apple Falls" (Smog)
6. Psychics - our "Unhappy Birthday"
7. Aisha - our "This Night Has Opened My Eyes"
8. Into the Arms - our "Death of a Disco Dancer"
9. Sharing - our "Kicker of Elves" (GBV)
10. Don't Worry, You're Prettier - our "Sleepy Joe" (Smog)
11. 3D Voices - our "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want"